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Directory of Lawn Care Services
How Much Do Lawn Care Services Cost?
Lawn care companies offer a number of different services. They can mow your grass, pull weeds, aerate your lawn, or apply fertilizers and other treatments. Prices for these services can vary significantly throughout the country. The average cost of hiring a service to mow your lawn is between $36 and $45 per visit. This estimated price does not include yards that are larger than 1/4 acre though. If you have a larger yard or need any additional landscaping services, they will come at an additional cost.

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Albuquerque, NM $39.98 per visit
Alexandria, VA $53.91 per visit
Atlanta, GA $52.14 per visit
Buffalo, NY $36.94 per visit
Dallas, TX $37.81 per visit
Detroit, MI $35.40 per visit
Kansas City, MO $38.84 per visit
Memphis, TN $34.09 per visit
Minneapolis, MN $41.61 per visit
Nashville, TN $35.22 per visit
New York, NY $56.21 per visit
Oklahoma City, OK $38.67 per visit
Omaha, NE $35.13 per visit
Philadelphia, PA $41.39 per visit
Portland, OR $54.44 per visit
Raleigh, NC $37.86 per visit
San Francisco, CA $53.27 per visit
St. Louis, MO $40.89 per visit
Sacramento, CA $45.48 per visit
Tampa, FL $33.98 per visit
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